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Infant Sleep Package

We support parents with a responsive parenting approach—crafted on an understanding of realistic sleep expectations, as well as the developmental, emotional and cognitive needs of a child.

No cry-it-out.

Bedsharing friendly.

$595 CAD

What's included

This is for you, if:

You are a parent

Your child is between the ages of 5 months and 2 years, and you have questions or concerns about their sleep.

You'd like some help

Call it brain fog, chronic sleep deprivation, second guessing yourself...whatever it is, you'd appreciate the support and accountability of an experienced coach.

You are ready for change

Your family's sleep routine is no longer working for you and you are ready to make some changes.


  • I dread bedtime
  • I spend my whole day trying to get my baby to sleep
  • My baby wakes up multiple times a night and I am exhausted
  • I am the only one who can get my baby to sleep
  • I have no time for myself or my partner
  • I'm ready to stop bedsharing or move baby into their own room
  • My baby's naps are SO short, I can't get anything done
  • I'd like to make some changes but have no idea where to start
Sounds like me! I need some support.

What’s included in the Infant Sleep Package

Sleep help with in-depth assessments.

Confidently learn healthy sleep fundamentals for your baby and work with one of our consultants to create and implement your individualized sleep plan.

$595 CAD

Choose a coach & get started

We'll get you the sleep you need

  • 6 WEEKS OF SUPPORT - We'll hold your hand as you implement the sleep plan we create
  • UNLIMITED EMAIL SUPPORT  - Throughout your 6-weeks of support  
  • 1.5-HOUR INITIAL CONSULTATION - Together, we'll create an individualized plan to address your family's unique sleep concerns and goals
  • FEEDING & AIRWAY SCREENING - Let us help you uncover any potential issues that could be affecting your child's sleep 
  • THREE 30-MIN FOLLOW UP CALLS - Additional planning consultations to ensure we remain attuned to your child as you implement your sleep plan
  • LIVE Q&A CALLS  - Coach "office hours" offered twice a week to check in face to face (virtually!)

Choose your Coach

We’re here to listen and together we’ll get everyone sleeping.

Steph Kishimoto

(English / French)

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Work with Steph

Ashley Klein


Learn more

Ashley is currently off on Maternity leave and is taking some time for her a her new baby <3

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Our Philosophy

Resources & support that are unmatched in the sleep industry

  • Parenting, not training
  • Attachment-based
  • No cry-it-out
  • Developmentally focused

Personalized sleep support

No generic methods, no one-size fits all plans, no cry-it-out. We’re here to listen and determine why certain behaviours persist or why your baby's sleep is suffering, and together we’ll get everyone sleeping.

Responsive parenting

With backgrounds in child development and psychology, our consultants shy away from rules or methods and instead nurture the parent/child attachment and emotional health.


Holistic approach

Our in-depth screening and assessments makes sure your family is supported—from navigating postpartum mood disorders to flagging underlying health conditions that may be impacting sleep.


Love from rested clients

For the first time, I do not dread bedtime, and I owe it all to you!


(Lucas & Liam's mom)

Thanks for giving me the confidence to be consistent and help me through the grey of also doing what feels right.


(Carter's mom)

Our daughter's sleep was a mess. No one in our family was sleeping, but we were not desperate enough to let her cry it out. We just knew that it wouldn’t work for us or for her based on our personalities.

Then we found Sleep Parenting - and thank goodness we did! We were able to develop a plan that was specifically adapted for our baby, her needs, and our family as a whole.

With the Sleep Parenting approach, not only did we gain essential knowledge about babies’ sleep patterns, needs, and ways of communication, but we gained confidence in our own abilities and instincts. We know our baby, we know what she needs, and we know what to do to help. Yes, she sleeps and naps so much better, but this program has given us much more than that. We know that when she doesn’t fall asleep like her regular self, something else is up and we can help her once again.

This isn’t going backwards, this is moving through her needs, and it is totally okay. Everything is okay. Actually, everything is perfect – so imperfectly perfect.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

Liz & Yvond

(Emmelina & Arlo's parents)