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You're on a budget

Who isn't though, amirite? But maybe a big package isn't affordable right now. Doesn't mean you can't access support!

You need minimal support

Maybe your child is a bit older, or maybe you only have a few questions about your child's sleep. Maybe you have lots to work on but feel pretty independent implementing a plan on your own and just need a bit of guidance to get started.

You're a returning client

Welcome back! If it's time for a tune up call, you're in the right place. Scroll down to book your call.

What’s included in

Pay-as-you-go Consultations

Sleep help with in-depth assessments.

Confidently learn healthy sleep fundamentals for your child and work together to create and implement your individualized sleep plan.

Initial Consultation  $195 
Follow Up Calls $150/hr
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  • INITIAL CONSULTATION - (Up to 1.5hrs) All families must start with an initial consultation. Together, we'll create an individualized plan to address your family's unique sleep concerns and goals, and answer any questions you have.
  • SLEEP LOG TRACKING, ANALYSIS & REVIEW - included during the initial consultation
  • FEEDING & AIRWAY SCREENING - Let me help you uncover any potential issues that could be affecting your child's sleep 
  • FOLLOW UP CALLS (Additional) - Once your initial consultation is completed, you have the opportunity to book follow up calls as you implement your plan. Book as many or as little as you need! You will be invoiced after the call.

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$150/hr (prorated)

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Steph Kishimoto

Book a call with Steph and achieve your sleep goals:

Book initial consult $195
Book a follow-up call $45

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Ashley Klein

Book a call with Ashley and achieve your sleep goals:

Book initial consult $195
Book a follow-up call $45

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Our Philosophy

Resources & support that are unmatched in the sleep industry

Personalized support

  No generic methods, no one-size fits all plans, no cry-it-out. We’re here to listen and determine why certain behaviours persist or why your baby's sleep is suffering, and together we’ll get everyone sleeping.

Responsive Parenting

With backgrounds in child development and psychology, our consultants shy away from rules or methods and instead nurture the parent/child attachment and emotional health.

Holistic approach

  Our in-depth screening and assessments makes sure your family is supported—from navigating postpartum mood disorders to flagging underlying health conditions that may be impacting sleep.

Love from rested clients

I love the Sleep Parenting approach - it makes so much sense to me that we should be able to respond however we feel is appropriate. With our coach’s guidance, we implemented many small changes that, on their own, didn’t seem like they’d amount to much, then all of a sudden, our son was sleeping better and we weren’t having fights at bedtime!

Marci & Codi

(Lennon's parents)

Sleep Parenting has completely changed my life. I went from living in a constant state of anxiety, anger, fear and tiredness to feeling competent, rested and empowered.

I will be forever grateful! 


(Eberle's mom)