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Toddler Sleep Package

Supporting parents with a responsive parenting approach—crafted on an understanding of realistic sleep expectations, as well as the developmental, emotional and cognitive needs of a child.

Attachment based.

No cry-it-out

$545 CAD

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This is for you, if:

You are a parent

Your child is between the ages of 2-5 years, and you have questions or concerns about their sleep.

You'd like some help

Call it brain fog, chronic sleep deprivation, second guessing yourself...whatever it is, you'd appreciate the support and accountability of an experienced coach.

You are ready for change

Your family's sleep routine is no longer working for you and it's time to make some changes.


  • Bedtime is always a battle in our house
  • My child needs me to be right next to them to fall asleep. I'd like them to be more independent.
  • It takes forever for my child to fall asleep
  • My child comes into my bed in the middle of the night and I'd like that to stop
  • If my child naps, they take forever to fall asleep at night
  • I have no time for myself or my partner
  • I'm ready to stop bedsharing
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What’s included in the Toddler Sleep Package

Sleep help with in-depth assessments.

Confidently learn healthy sleep fundamentals for your child while working together to create and implement your individualized sleep plan.

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  • 5 WEEKS OF SUPPORTContinued support as you implement the sleep plan we create
  • UNLIMITED EMAIL SUPPORT  - Throughout your 5-weeks of support  
  • 1.5-HOUR INITIAL CONSULTATION - Together, we'll create an individualized plan to address your family's unique sleep concerns and goals
  • FEEDING & AIRWAY SCREENING - Let's uncover any potential issues that could be affecting your child's sleep 
  • TWO 30-MIN FOLLOW UP CALLS - Additional planning consultations to ensure we remain attuned to your child as you start to implement your sleep plan
  • LIVE Q&A CALLS  - Coach "office hours" offered twice a week to check in face to face (virtually!)
  • VIDEO LIBRARY - Access to Sleep Parenting’s video library including lactation support and postpartum support expert series. 

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Love from rested clients

For the first time, I do not dread bedtime, and I owe it all to you!


(Lucas & Liam's mom)

So glad to have found professionals whose values align with mine... and excited to see how we can get things to work for the better without compromising my comfort level.


I love the Sleep Parenting approach - it makes so much sense to me that we should be able to respond however we feel is appropriate. With our coach’s guidance, we implemented many small changes that, on their own, didn’t seem like they’d amount to much, then all of a sudden, our son was sleeping better and we weren’t having fights at bedtime!

Marci & Codi

(Lennon's parents)