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 Steph and her Sleep Parenting program has completely changed my life.

I went from living in a constant state of anxiety, anger, fear and tiredness, to feeling competent, rested and empowered. Sleep was the one area of parenting that we just had no idea how to handle. I hadn't felt like myself in months and felt like my sanity, life and relationships were spiralling out of control and that I was getting further and further away from ever getting it all back.

And then Steph happened! The opening online questions of the program only made me more confident that we needed this program in a bad way and I am so glad we took the plunge. 

The knowledge we gained on how to parent through the ups and downs of sleep and seeing the progress our daughter has made in becoming an AMAZING sleeper is quite honestly priceless. Restful nights, happy baby, predictable days/nights, improved relationship with partner, family and friends,  all of this plus more is what I've gained from this program.

I have and will continue to recommend this program to others because I believe this is the best program out there that accommodates each individual families goals and parenting style.

I will not forget how I felt at the beginning and how far I (we) have come because of this program and because of this I will be forever grateful!


(Eberle's mom)

Our daughter's sleep was a mess. No one in our family was sleeping, but we were not desperate enough to let her cry it out. We just knew that it wouldn’t work for us or for her based on our personalities.

Then we met with Steph - and thank goodness we did!

We were able to develop a plan that was specifically adapted for our baby, her needs, and our family as a whole. Soon after our meeting, our bedtime routine moved to a consistent 30 minutes (including nursing!!), and she was falling asleep independently. Shortly thereafter, we were able to put her down for naps – in her crib!!

Steph offered so much support throughout the program that we were able to hit all of our goals, and then some, before the end of our work together.

With Steph and her Sleep Parenting program, not only did we gain essential knowledge about babies’ sleep patterns, needs, and ways of communication, but we gained confidence in our own abilities and instincts.

We know our baby, we know what she needs, and we know what to do to help. Yes, she sleeps and naps so much better, but this program has given us much more than that. We know that when she doesn’t fall asleep like her regular self, something else is up and we can go back to the basics and help her once again.This isn’t going backwards, this is moving through her needs, and it is totally okay.

Everything is okay. Actually, everything is perfect – so imperfectly perfect.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

Elizabeth & Yvond

(Emmelina's parents)

It was a true pleasure working with Stephanie.

When we first began working with her, I was lacking sleep and my son was completely dependent on me in order to fall asleep. Now, my 7 month old is able to sleep independently.

What we appreciated most about working with her is the knowledge we gained, the one-on-one support, and the more gradual approach to sleep.

The experience has been life-changing. My husband and I can't thank her enough!


(Connor's mom)

I love the Sleep Parenting approach - it makes so much sense to me that we should be able to respond however we feel is appropriate. With our coach’s guidance, we implemented many small changes that, on their own, didn’t seem like they’d amount to much, then all of a sudden, our son was sleeping better and we weren’t having fights at bedtime!

Marci & Codi

(Lennon, Connor & Oliver's parents)

Steph is a miracle worker and changed our lives completely.

I was amazed by how quickly we saw results. Our lives revolved around trying to get my son to sleep prior to this program. It was stressful and exhausting for us. We truly didn’t feel anything could possibly help our son sleep well as other programs failed.

With Steph’s help, my son quickly went from being parented to sleep and sleeping in our arms; to sleeping independently in his crib. We couldn’t believe it!!

My son now goes to bed around 730pm and wakes around 7am. He sleeps with 1-2 feeds during the night which was our goal. He also has three good naps during the day. He is a happy and well rested baby and we are able to function better because we are able to rest ourselves.

It was extremely important to us to avoid any cry it out sleep training tactics as it didn’t suit our parenting style. With this program it is completely tailored to your individual goals, parenting style and baby's temperament. This helps make the transition to better sleep stress free and something we could feel good about.

Throughout the program we were provided with ongoing support from Steph who is extremely knowledgeable, empathetic and non judgmental in her approach. The knowledge and tools we gained from this program will help us through our ongoing sleep journey with our child. We are better equipped to help ensure he is getting the best quality and quantity of sleep he needs as he grows.

We can’t thank Steph and her team enough for everything they have done for us. They truly have changed our lives completely for the best.

We can’t say enough good things about this program. It is truly amazing and an invaluable program. We highly recommend Sleep Parenting and are confident that anyone who seeks help will be just as amazed and as grateful as we are.

Thank you Steph!!!

Sarah & Nick

(Connor's parents)

What a wonderful experience. I really didn’t think anyone would be able to help me out with my situation but I had heard about Steph through a friend that had amazing results so I thought I’d give her a try. 

Steph was so kind and understood I was desperate for sleep. She made me feel at ease and walked me through each step of the way.  She treats each family and child’s situation uniquely depending on age and personality of the child and her method is gentle and very flexible.  And the best part was that we saw results immediately! 

I loved that I was able to go in and check in on my daughter and even pick her up if I wanted. Her approach is so easy going and loving. This was very important to me and my family and it allowed us to follow through with the plan. 

My daughter Keira now has 2 solid naps (soon transitioning to 1 nap/day with coaching from Steph!) and sleeps through the entire night from 8pm -7am. She goes into her crib with ease and no crying!  She is able to fall asleep peacefully within minutes. I truly didn’t think this would ever be possible!  Being able to sleep through the night for the first time in over a year has benefited everyone in our family. We are so happy to have met Steph and we can’t thank her enough for coaching us through sleep training.  It has been a wonderful experience and worth every penny.  I only wish we had known about Steph and her coaching sooner but it’s never to late to get help and so worth it. She will be there for you every step of the way!  Thank you Steph. 


Alex & Craig 

(Keira & Sam's parents)

Stephanie the sleep consultant, otherwise known as the miracle worker!

My daughter from a very young age would never nap...even at 2 to 3 months she could stay up all day! I was exhausted but she never seemed tired. I would endlessly try to put her to sleep by walking, singing or rocking her to sleep. You name it, I was trying to do it. Prior to Stephanie I would spend upwards of 4 to 5 hours a day trying to put my daughter down for naps.

We met with Stephanie and everything just became soooo much better!! She started working with us and it completely changed everything. I actually had time to do other things and think about other things. Within 2 weeks my daughter was napping twice a day!!

Stephanie is so knowledgeable, professional and caring. She made me feel very confident in understanding my daughters sleep needs. I would highly recommend her to anyone!!


(Ava's mom)

I have tears in my eyes as I am writing this email to you...

If you recall, my little baby would only nap in my arms (which means she was glued to me 24/7 LOL) when we started our journey with her and had lungs like Celion Dion and had no problems screaming for 1+ hour. 

I am SO super duper proud to say that after our work together, she is independently sleeping and napping in her crib with no tears!! A huge THANK YOU to you and your team in making this happen!!


(Alexie's mom)

We had worked with Stephanie before in 2016 with our first son, so of course when I became pregnant in 2017, we knew right away where to turn when our youngest came of age.

Stephanie and her team were wonderful - we changed our minds several times as to when to start the program, and they were completely understanding and adjusted themselves to suit us. As for the actual program, when I tell you that it works, please trust me.

Our sons are almost 3 years apart, and in that short time, we had forgotten everything about a newborn and baby, especially about their sleeping patterns. Added to this is the fact that this is a new baby - not the same as our first - so my husband and I were all over the place. Once we decided on a date to begin the program, Stephanie helped guide us through helping our youngest get better sleep and sleep on schedule. I would dare say that within two weeks, he was napping well and sleeping well throughout the night.

Being a parent is tough but with help like Stephanie's, you can do it!

Tarah & Adam

(Kingsley & Alic's parents)

Thanks for teaching us how to parent our baby to sleep and laying all the foundation for us to keep going!


(Skylar's mom)

I’m so glad I invested in doing this sleep program with Steph.  

Sleep has always been a vulnerable subject for me as a parent and for years I struggled with my older daughter’s sleep patterns, but was really put off by what I had heard about “sleep training”.  

When my younger daughter started having more difficult sleep patterns and I found myself resorting to co-sleeping with both kids in my bed, I knew I couldn’t handle more years of this struggle.  

At every step of the way, Steph was empathetic, compassionate, knowledgeable, and helped me to make small changes as I was ready.  At the end of the program, both kids are now sleeping well in their own bed/crib for the whole night and I’m feeling much more confident to handle their sleep patterns/needs.  Steph was gentle with me and supported me in being gentle with my kids to make sustainable changes.  I see this as an investment long-term in my own mental health and wellbeing.  

Thank you so much, Steph!

Erica & Sheldon

(Rhea & Felicity's parents)

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