Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Does Sleep Parenting promote cry-it-out?

The Sleep Parenting philosophy is one of responsive parenting, which does not lend itself to the idea or practice of Cry-It-Out, or any other one-size-fits-all "sleep training" method.

Parents are encouraged to remain attuned to their children, responding based on their cues at each moment in time, rather than on pre-determined plans and rules.

To be clear, this does not mean NO-CRY. Crying itself may occur as you make changes, but our aim is to support your child through that dysregulation instead of shutting the door and ignoring their cries.

When is the best time to work on independent sleep skills?

Contrary to popular belief, you do not HAVE to "teach" your child independent sleep skills by a certain age.

As your child develops and matures, they become better able to self-regulate. The older they get, the easier it is.

When changing bedtime routines to give your child a chance to fall asleep more independently, we'd advise waiting until they are healthy and have consistency in their routine (ie not immediately following a move, or introducing a new sibling).   

I do not work on this goal with babies under the age of 5 months.

Will you come to my house for a consultation?

All of our consultations are completed virtually. This allows me to reach you no matter where you live.

Do you support families who've chosen to bedshare?

YES! In fact, a large portion of the families I work with continue to bedshare the entire night, or for part of the night, while working on improving the quality and quantity of sleep for everyone. 

Will my child be damaged if I let them cry?

My main focus is on creating secure attachments between children and their parents.

As a responsive and caring parent, your goal should be to create the environment in which your child flourishes, but it is also imperative that you consider your own mental health and wellbeing. 

Sometimes, this means that change (however big or small) is needed.

With change, there often comes a period of adjustment. With present and attuned parents, any short term distress your child may feel (including crying) during a period of change will be buffered by a caregiver and is considered a "positive stress".  

So no, you will not damage your child. Crying is a big part of emotional development and is essential for developing resiliency. 

If you would like to read more about stress, check out Harvard University's Center on the Developing Child.

How long until my baby will sleep through the night?

Depending on age, you should expect to see improvements overnight in as little as a few days. Some children adapt a bit more quickly than others.

Most babies actually don't sleep through the night (organically) until closer to 9-12 months, or even later! Working on independent sleep skills at bedtime does not necessarily mean that your baby will sleep through the night if their body still requires those additional calories (or snuggles).

We will always discuss goals and what is realistic for your child before starting and if sleeping through the night is an appropriate goal, we will incorporate that into our plan.

Do I get a discount if I've already worked with a Sleep Parenting coach previously?

Yes! Welcome back! At Sleep Parenting, I'm here for you throughout the duration of your child's early years, and as you grow your family.

As such, to thank you for your continued patronage, I'm happy to offer our returning families a 15% discount with the purchase of a new Initial Consultation (for new goals or a new baby!).

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Does Sleep Parenting offer an installment plan?

No, unfortunately Sleep Parenting does not offer installment plans. If budget is a concern, please mention this on your free introductory call and I'll be able to recommend the most cost effective options for you.

Do you charge extra for an additional child?

Absolutely not! When you sign up to work with me, we address your entire family. That includes how your sleep concerns are affecting older / younger siblings, as well as multiples.

Will my private health insurance cover Sleep Parenting's services?

Unfortunately, Sleep Parenting's services are not likely covered by your private or provincial / state / federal health coverage. If you have "flex" dollars included in your private health insurance or extended health care benefits through your employer, you will need to inquire as to whether my services would be covered or not.

Sleep Parenting is not responsible for contacting your health care insurers.

Are your prices in Canadian or American dollars?

All of our listed fees are in Canadian dollars (CAD).

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