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Empowering parents.

Restoring sleep.

Attachment based sleep support for newborns to 5 year olds.

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Empowering Parents

Restoring Sleep 

Attachment based sleep support for babies, toddlers and preschoolers

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Our Philosophy

Resources & support that are unmatched in the sleep industry.

  • Parenting, not training

  • Attachment-based

  • No cry-it-out 
  • Developmentally focused
Personalized support

No generic methods, no one-size fits all plans, no cry-it-out. We’re here to listen and determine why certain behaviours persist or why your child's sleep is suffering, and together we’ll get everyone sleeping.

Responsive parenting

With backgrounds in child development and psychology, our consultants shy away from rules or methods and instead nurture the parent/child attachment and emotional health.

Holistic approach

Our in-depth screening and assessments makes sure your family is supported—from navigating postpartum mood disorders to flagging underlying health conditions that may be impacting sleep.

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Saying buh-bye to conventional "Sleep Training"

The Sleep Parenting Difference 


Sleep Parenting is a proprietary holistic approach that puts parents in the driver's seat rather than positioned as victims of sleep deprivation, while focusing on sleep from an anticipatory developmental and attachment lens rather than from one of training and behavioural conditioning seen in traditional "sleep training".

Integrating sleep science with neurophysiology (brain science), developmental psychology and attachment theory, my goal is to empower parents like you to trust your instincts and implement sustainable changes to improve your entire family's sleep.


Sleep Parenting is unlike any other sleep solution available. 

My holistic approach is rooted in responsive parenting.


There are no generic "methods", no one-size fits all plans, and no cry-it-out. Instead, I help you uncover your concerns, build a vision of your dream sleep setup, and then take you from point A to point B with practical steps that feel right for you and your family.

Regardless of your goals; whether you're keen to continue bedsharing, ready to wean overnight, move your child to another room, work on independent sleep associations or to continue parenting to sleep while simply reviewing sleep hygiene...

I've got you.

As featured in

Impossible Parenting: Creating a New Culture of Mental Health for Parents

Author: Olivia Scobie MSW, RSW

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Pay-As-You-Go Sleep Consultations

Access as little or as much personalized sleep support as you need, no matter your child's age, needs OR your budget. 

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Initial Consultation

1.5 hrs

Comprehensive sleep consultation including sleep log analysis, as well as the creation of an individualized action plan to address your sleep concerns and goals.


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15 min

For Active Clients ONLY. Quick check-ins to guide you as you implement your sleep plan. Book as many or as little as you need!


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Follow up Calls

45 min

Follow-up calls for returning clients who need a little tune-up down the road, or when new concerns and/or new goals have arisen.


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Meet Steph

Born and raised in Montreal, Steph (she/her) currently resides in Toronto with her husband and two daughters. After the birth of her first child, Steph noticed a lack of postpartum support for parents and a lack of sleep support options that did not include cry-it-out. 

Fighting against the conventional behavioural "sleep training" model, Steph pursued her education and training in the sleep field. She created Sleep Parenting, a community, and philosophy focused on children's developmental and emotional needs and the role attachment plays in healthy sleep. 

A lifelong learner, Steph is completing ongoing studies with the Neufeld Institute in Vancouver, Canada. 

Read about Steph's personal Sleep Saga

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Love from rested clients

Our experience having completed the 6-week support package has been life changing!

Sleep Parenting, thank you for everything!!

Ada & Adrian

(Alexie's parents)

I had read every book published about getting babies to sleep, but what helped more than anything was having the structure to make a plan that fit my family’s unique needs, and the support to stick with it. 


(Prudence, Lennox & Branton's mom)

Sleep Parenting has completely changed my life. I went from living in a constant state of anxiety, anger, fear and tiredness to feeling competent, rested and empowered.

I will be forever grateful! 


(Eberle's mom)

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