Sleep Consultations

As much or as little SUPPORT as you need - ball is in your court.

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Sleep Consultations

As much or as little SUPPORT as you need - ball is in your court

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Unlike band-aid style, one-size-fits-all sleep "training" methods, Sleep Parenting uses neuroscience (brain science), attachment theory and developmental psychology (emotional development) to help you understand the ins and outs of infant sleep and develop personalized, sustainable plans to serve your family’s needs.

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Welcome new & returning families

This for you, if:

You're on a budget

Who isn't though, amirite? Here's an affordable way to access support without the need for big (and expensive) sleep packages. 

You need support

Maybe you have a few questions that need answering, or you need help with some big changes. Maybe you feel pretty independent implementing a plan but just need a bit of guidance getting started or maybe you'd prefer some legit hand holding throughout the process. Either way, I've got you!

Time is of the essence

Seeking timely guidance from a parenting coach who specializes in sleep can make a significant difference in restoring much needed rest, peace and harmony to a family's life.

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Pay-As-You-Go Consultations

Initial Consultation 1.5 hrs

Comprehensive sleep consultation including sleep log analysis, as well as the creation of an individualized action plan to address your sleep concerns and goals.


(Prices in CAD)

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15 min

For Active Clients ONLY. Quick check-ins to guide you as you implement your sleep plan. Book as many or as little as you need!


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Follow up Calls

45 min

Follow-up calls for returning clients who need a little tune-up down the road, or when new concerns and/or new goals have arisen.


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Unlimited Sleep Package 

Six weeks of unlimited sleep support including a comprehensive initial consultation, sleep log tracking and check-in calls as needed.

A perfect option for those looking for higher level of support

(and lots of hand-holding along the way!)


(Prices in CAD)

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How It Works

Sleep help personalized to your family's needs

Confidently learn healthy sleep fundamentals for your child and work together to create and implement your individualized sleep plan.

Initial Consultation $295 
Check-Ins $49
Follow-Up Calls $120


Unlimited Sleep Package

Let's get you the sleep you need

  • INITIAL CONSULTATION - (Up to 1.5hrs) All families start with an in-depth assessment, including:
    • COMPREHENSIVE SLEEP QUESTIONNAIRE -¬†You'll provide a detailed account of your child's medical history, developmental history, your current sleep routine, your concerns and your goals, prior to our call.
    • SLEEP LOG TRACKING, ANALYSIS & REVIEW -¬†For children over the age of 5 months, you'll also¬†fill in my custom sleep log provided to you
    • FEEDING & AIRWAY SCREENING -¬†I'll help you uncover any potential issues that could be affecting your child's sleep¬†
    • POSTPARTUM MENTAL HEALTH SCREENING (optional)¬†- Non-diagnostic screening tools to help uncover any concerns.
  • INDIVIDUALIZED SLEEP PLAN - Together, we'll create an action plan to address your family's unique sleep concerns and goals, and answer any questions you have.
  • CHECK-IN CALLS (15 min)¬†- Once your initial consultation is completed, you have the opportunity to book¬†quick check-ins to guide you as you actively implement your sleep plan. Book as many or as little as you need! (If you've purchased the Unlimited Sleep Package, these Check-In calls are included.)
  • FOLLOW UP CALLS (45 min) - Follow-up calls for returning clients who need a little tune-up down the road, or when new concerns and/or new goals have arisen.

Meet Steph

Steph Kishimoto is an expert in infant & toddler sleep. As a self-proclaimed Sleep Geek, her goal is to empower parents with the knowledge to back up their natural intuition.

Having worked with thousands of families over the past decade, Steph's proven that a conventional behavioural approach to sleep (ie "sleep training") is not always the solution - and offers an alternative approach for those who want to address sleep from a pro-active lens, rather than from one of correction, conditioning and consequences.

"Open your arms to change, but don't let go of your values."   - Dalai Lama

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Need a quick chat before we get started?

Let's jump on a call to discuss your unique sleep concerns and goals, and figure out how I can best support you.

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Love from rested clients

I love the Sleep Parenting approach - it makes so much sense to me that we should be able to respond however we feel is appropriate. With our coach’s guidance, we implemented many small changes that, on their own, didn’t seem like they’d amount to much, then all of a sudden, our son was sleeping better and we weren’t having fights at bedtime!

Marci & Codi

(Lennon's parents)

Sleep Parenting has completely changed my life. I went from living in a constant state of anxiety, anger, fear and tiredness to feeling competent, rested and empowered.

I will be forever grateful! 


(Eberle's mom)

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