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Postpartum Mental Health

If you are not feeling like yourself since becoming a parent, you are not alone.

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Over 1 in 7 new birthing parents experience some type of postpartum emotional complication. Unknown to most, 1 in 10 partners experience similar symptoms as well.

Anxiety and depression, compounded by chronic sleep deprivation, can make your new role as a parent exponentially difficult & overwhelming.

Time to stop and check in...

How are you feeling?

Use my Mental Health Screening Checklist; an at-home, non-pathologized tool to help you start to connect with changes in your mood.

Download the checklists

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Jessica Zhang (she/her)

“Becoming a parent is a beautiful experience, while at the same time can be challenging and likely even more so during this time of the pandemic. I am committed to supporting the needs of your mental health; however, your family comes, either two parents, single parent, all sexualities, and genders. My goal is to offer a nonjudgmental, supportive, and safe space for you to share your experiences and together collaborate on better understanding your concerns and finding the solutions that works for you.”

Kama Lee-Jackson (she/her)

“Of all the many times I have transformed and transitioned in my life, becoming and being a parent has been the most life, relationship, body, mind, and soul altering of any of them. Some of these changes have been for the better, some for worse, and some are just new and strange to me. It was these profound shifts that stirred me to begin working with new parents, to help them navigate the wild rides that come in the postpartum period and beyond.”

Shira Rocklin (she/her)

“Like you, I have been on the wonderful, yet challenging, parenting journey. From trying for a child to being a parent, this journey can bring up old hurts, worry, sadness, loneliness, stress, chronic pain and so much more. Are you caught in the overwhelm? Do you feel confused? Or like you are losing a piece of yourself? Are you struggling with loss and grief? Maybe you are having difficulty with your parenting, marriage, work or social relationships? You are not alone. Many others have felt what you are feeling!”

Quinten Hackwoon (they/them)

“I think every needs and deserves attuned and compassionate support all the time! but I believe it is especially important during transition periods like birth, relationship changes, relocation, or loss, where we can work together to explore the impacts on you, your identity, your relationships, and how the world engages with you. ”

Getting some sleep yourself can help.

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Online Support 

Below you’ll find some trusted organizations and communities to help you build your village and seek out the support you need.

*Suicide Crisis Hotline (Canada)

Dial or text 9-8-8

Postpartum Support International

Free groups led by experienced support group leaders who understand the emotional challenges of expecting and new parents. Groups available each week in both English and Spanish.

Click here to create a free member account.

The Online PPD Support Group

Free chatroom and community forum to connect with other women who have or are experiencing mood disorders after pregnancy, giving birth or adopting a baby, as well as their families and friends and health professionals with an interest in reproductive mental health.

Smart Patient Postpartum Community

Free Postpartum Support International affiliated online forum that provides information and support to pregnant and new mothers suffering with perinatal mood and anxiety disorders.

Star Legacy Foundation

Offers live, online support groups for families who have experienced a perinatal loss and for individuals experiencing a pregnancy after a loss.

Postpartum Support Toronto

Online postpartum support services including free Therapeutic E-Courses, and a DIY Support E-Book, as well as local and online support groups.

Text Support in the UK

Crisis Text Line

Free, 24/7 texting service accessible anywhere in Canada. Text TALK to 686868 to reach an English speaking Crisis Responder and TEXTO to 686868 to reach a French-speaking Crisis Responder on any text/SMS enabled cell phone.