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Sleep Schedules

A series of guides, sleep schedules, and average sleep needs that outline realistic sleep expectations for each age.

0-2 months
3-5 months
6 months
7-8 months
9-11 months
12-13 months
14-16 months
17-23 months
2-3 years
3-4 years
4-5 years


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Comprehensive sleep consultation including sleep log analysis, as well as the creation of an individualized action plan to address your sleep concerns and goals.


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For Active Clients ONLY. Quick check-ins to guide you as you implement your sleep plan. Book as many or as little as you need!


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45 min

Follow-up calls for returning clients who need a little tune-up down the road, or when new concerns and/or new goals have arisen.


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The Sleep Parenting program is amazing in that it offers unparalleled support through teething, sickness, developmental leaps, travel, daylight savings, etc. The time allotted takes into account that your baby is going to change and what you're really developing are the skills to be able to respond and support your child through those challenges which lead to longer naps, better overnights and thankfully a rested and happy mama. I am so thankful.


(John's mom)